TELEFLEX® D8 transfer chains - Kamp Coating (NL) Reconstruction conveying system

For Kamp Coating Railtechniek reconstructed the existing overhead conveying system. Kamp Coating is specialized in surface pretreatment and powder coating of metal products. Kamp Coating finishes various metal products with a suitable coating system, for instance, spare parts for the automotive sector, mechanical engineering and  agro technics. The company has national coverage and invests in innovative, sustainable solutions. Their aim is to deliver quality to their customers. Delivering quality means controlling and improving the entire working processes. Railtechniek is very pleased with her contribution to improve these processes, by offering an optimal solution for internal transport and material handling.

Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV and Kamp Coating Group have already worked in close co-operation for many years. Providing customers with a high degree of quality is just as important for Railtechniek as it is for Kamp Coating. We are pleased that we have updated the existing overhead conveying system. Main goal was to increase the speed of transportation of products after leaving the spray booth.

Dividing system in two parts – Teleflex®D8 transfer chains

To achieve better lead times we divided the system in two parts. After disassembling the existing STS transfer we installed two new TELEFLEX® D8 transfer chains. The first D8 transfer chain transports the products automatically through the spray booth. The second TELEFLEX® D8 transfer chains automatically brings the traverses from the exit of the spray booth to the buffer area.  The D8 chains have a total length of 150 and 110 meter respectively and are supplied with approx. 62 carrier trolleys.

Re-use of materials
With the reconstruction of the system we took into consideration re-use of materials.
For control of the system we’ve extended the existing control cabinet and adjusted the control program.