TELEFLEX® D8 Power and Free Conveyor for GvG Coatings (G) compatible with existing system

End of May we installed a TELEFLEX® D8 Power and Free Conveyor for GVG Coatings GmbH (GvG) as an extension of the existing system. Improvement of their logistic processes and obtaining a higher output were main objectives for GvG. Therefor it was very important that both systems would be compatible with each other.

In 2012 GVG already purchased a conveyor from Rippert in Germany. After three years GvG wanted to expand there activities with a new coating line. Different suppliers - including their current supplier - were asked to make a proposal. It was essential that the new system would be entirely compatible with the existing one. In addition, the performance of the existing system had to be improved and some modifications had to be done. For example the position of the traverse beam had to be changed. But the proposals didn't meet the expectations and wishes of GvG. Therefor general director Gerard van Gemert asked Railtechniek to make a proposal. The outcome was very satisfactory; the proposal and lay-out showed flexibility and creativity. Above that Railtechniek provided GvG with clear, written guarantees regarding the final result. That is why it was not very difficult to give the order to Railtechniek van Herwijnen.

Quality and good communications

GvG is very satisfied with the D8 P&F conveyor and the way how Railtechniek took care of the entire project from proposal to technical realisation. The quality of the robust D8 power and free conveyor is outstanding. Gerard van Gemert also praised Railtechniek for its communication. The employees always think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. Right from the start of the implementation there were ongoing consultations with Railtechniek-employees. They actively contributed complementary ideas and advices, for instance about the control of the installation. They make every effort to achieve the objectives of GvG Coatings.

New switch box with PLC extension module

To make sure the control of the complete conveyor installation can be done with one PLC program, we installed a complete new switch box with a PLC extension module. The module communicates with the existing PLC program through Profinet. Furthermore we’ve equipped the system with a new visualization of the total overview of the complete system. (WinnCC runtime, PC and a HD TV 42”).