T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor for JC Interiors (G)

For JC Interiors in Hannover TFX-Railtechnik has installed a T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor system for transporting and buffering of VW rooftops. The T1 Power and Free system for JC Interiors consists of 6 parallel placed lines with buffer zones at the roof, just to enable the manufacturing and buffering of different rooftops. The rooftops are buffered until they are called for further treatment. An additional benefit of overhead transporting and buffering is the safety at the working space. In total 54 rooftops can be buffered at the same time. To compensate the height difference the installation is equipped with pusher dogs and vertical bends.

A power & free conveyor is based on a twin-track system. The top track is used for the power chain and the bottom track for the carrier trolleys. The movable cams of the pusher dogs latch onto the trolley to form an interlink connection. For JCI we customized the carrier trolleys for the transport and buffering of VW rooftops. This project is a good example of making clever and efficient use of the working space. The process starts at the loading position, where the VW rooftops are attached to the system. The pusher dogs that are fitted in the power chain, pull the carriers around the system. Switches are installed at positions where the carriers must divert to other directions. The link between the carrier trolleys and the power chain will be disengaged and the carrier will stop, while the power chain keeps moving. This enables the buffering of products behind the stop station. The carriers are provided with bar code tags. Barcode readers - communicating with the main control system - ensure correct product routing.

Control system T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor

We developed and programmed the control system in-house with a Siemens S7 – 300 SPS. The system is provided with a 12” Touch Panel. The visualization screen gives a dynamic view and uses a menu-driven operation. The custom made control system determines for an important part an efficient and failure free use of the T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor. Furthermore, the control system enables remote support with our service department in Tiel and failure/maintenance registration is arranged through VPN. 

Technical details

  • - Maximum capacity 108 kg excluding carrier trolleys and supplies
  • - 332 m chain
  • - Speed of 6 – 8 m per minute
  • - 163 pieces of pusher dogs