Brink Climate Systems - Staphorst

Recently, Railtechniek van Herwijnen installed a chain conveyor with a company which specializes in building climate systems.

Here we choose for the Stewart Gill conveyor type STS 550M. Characteristics of this type are the closed track construction and very wear resistant chain with hardened steel ball bearings and every 8 inch a load link.

The 260 meter long conveyor chain is designed together with the customer and in consultation with a company specialized in surface treatment machinery. The positions of the spray pretreatment tunnel, powder coating booth and continuous oven are determined so that with an optimal conveyor speed the highest efficiency can be achieved.

Due to the different dimensions of the products a crossbeam construction has been chosen. This crossbeam is attached to 4 load links from the conveyor chain.

By making use of a so-called C-hook, there is a space for a waste collection gutter directly under the track. This to protect the product from descending external dirt. On each of the 104 crossbeams there are various suspension points for the suspensions of the products.

The system is completely assembled in 2 weeks.